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  • SLEEP HEXAGON ホルミシス敷パッド - SLEEP HEXAGON(スリープヘキサゴン)公式サイト
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SLEEP HEXAGON(スリープヘキサゴン)公式サイト

SLEEP HEXAGON Hormesis pad

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Conditioning pad.
A comfortable sleeping environment created by the hormesis effect of radium will restore your original condition.

Speaking of hormesis bedding, it is SLEEP HEXAGON.

Single: Width 100cm x Height 200cm
Semi-double: Width 120cm x Height 200cm
Double: Width 140cm x Height 200cm
Wide double: Width 155cm x Height 200cm (scheduled to be released soon)
Queen: Width 160cm x Height 200cm Not eligible for 30-day return benefit
King: Width 180cm x Height 200cm    Not eligible for 30-day return benefit

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About warranty

This product comes with a one year warranty.


Q. How to take care of it?

A. You can use a washing machine.

  • Put it in a laundry net and wash it by hand.
  • Avoid using a tumble dryer as this may cause shrinkage.
  • You can use the futon dryer.

Q. Is it okay for pets and infants to sleep on it?

A. No problem at all.